Education in American universities

Getting a higher education in the United States of America and use spanish translator is the key to further successful career and professional achievements in your field. American diplomas are highly valued all over the world, so admission to an American university is considered a great success in life for an applicant. Admission to the […]

Glossary for written translation

A glossary is a list of terms in a specific industry with their explanations and sometimes with translation into a foreign language, examples and comments. Glossary comes from the Latin “glossarium”, which means “dictionary”. Glossaries are traditionally alphabetical and are found at the end of the book, including terms from that book. Although glossaries are […]


is a Germanic language spoken by approximately 400,000 people in Luxembourg (Letzebuerg), France (Frankraich), Belgium (Belsch) and Germany (Daitschland). There are also several native speakers of the Luxembourgish language in the United States. This language has a lot in common with German and Dutch and english to bangla translation, and also borrowed some words from […]

Maltese-English Dictionary Goes Modern

Not so long ago, it was believed that the Maltese language and tagalog to english grammar translation was threatened with extinction and replaced by English. However, with the accession of Malta to the European Union, the situation has changed. Due to the fact that the population of Malta is about 400,000 inhabitants and almost everyone […]


Translation of medical documentation and english to russian translation is difficult to implement, since it implies an understanding of industry specifics, in-depth knowledge of the vocabulary of the two languages, requires the utmost accuracy in interpreting abbreviations, words, common speech constructions. Pharmaceutical translation is a section of medical translation, which has a great importance and […]

How to make a living with translations

Where to begin? It takes time to start making a living with translations. Therefore, those who do not have sponsors (parents, spouses or other interested persons) should first of all get a job. It is best to be a translator for any salary (newcomers do not have to choose especially) in some translation department or […]

What is an urgent translation?

I would like to note that urgent translation is a rather conditional category and is not used by all individual translators and translation agencies. Many of them work (at least with regular customers) at fixed, pre-agreed rates. And accordingly, the question is not raised about any additional premiums for urgency. Mainly due to the fact […]

Does the translation need an editor?

It is necessary to immediately clarify what kind of translation it is (See above the answer to the question about the types of translation for quality requirements). By definition, you don’t need an editor for a draft translation. As for all other types of translation (final, scientific and technical, legal, for printing, etc.), then ideally, […]

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