We think you already know that the best age to start teaching a child a foreign language and  translate english to hindi is from 3 to 7 years old. It is at this time that children begin to think logically, learn to realize what they remember. But it is unlikely that at this age they want to memorize the alphabet and perform exercises on grammatical rules. The best way to teach a child a language is to surround him with it.

1. Introduce English words into your everyday speech. While walking, name the objects you see, speak English when you ask the child to do something. You yourself will not notice how he begins to repeat the words.
2. Use games in English! Children love everything that is connected with games, so this form will make it easier for them to memorize new words.
3. Sing songs and translate arabic to english! When a child sings, he not only memorizes new words, but also learns to pronounce them.
4. Watch cartoons in English. Let this become your little family tradition – choose an animated series with regular characters – so it will be easier for the child to perceive what he sees – and watch an episode every evening. For better consolidation of the material, you can even discuss them with your child after watching.
5. Learn English yourself. Nothing motivates a child better than a parent’s example.