There are always lots of sights to see in Dagestan. There are more than 6,000 historical and cultural monuments in the region, of which 173 are of federal importance and

The Ministry of Tourism and folk arts and crafts of the Republic of Dagestan are well prepared to receive guests: a circular route “Legends of Dagestan” has been developed. It will take two weeks to see more than a hundred sights. There are also light versions: “Northern Legends of Dagestan”, “Southern Legends of Dagestan”, “Seven Wonders of Dagestan” and weekend tours.

Catch our ideas of what to do and what attractions to visit Dagestan (points for convenience are located on a circular route, counterclockwise from Makhachkala to Derbent):

Take time to visit Makhachkala, a city on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the pride of Dagestan. According to reviews, it’s a mix of spicy oriental color and the dashing 1990s.
Walk the Rhodope Boulevard and the old part of the city.
Climb the observation deck on the Tarki-Tau Mountain.
And be sure to visit the local Dagestan market (Second or Tsumadinsky) with there are bazaars of fruits, pickles, cheeses and souvenirs. A real attraction!