Getting a higher education in the United States of America and use spanish translator is the key to further successful career and professional achievements in your field. American diplomas are highly valued all over the world, so admission to an American university is considered a great success in life for an applicant.

Admission to the university is carried out on the basis of an individual interview, exam results and grades at school, recommendations and references from teachers. If English is not native for the student (foreigner), then the documents are submitted in 2 copies. About a quarter of university students are foreigners, visiting people, with their own mentality and perception.

Admission to a university is always accompanied by testing for knowledge of the English language. It can be oral or written, it all depends on the particular university. Also, the applicant is invited to write a mini-essay, where you can fully assess his literacy and ability to correctly express his thoughts.

Terms of study:

Bachelor – 3.5-4 years of study, studying about 30 disciplines.

Master’s degree – 1-2 years of study after bachelor’s degree, after which a dissertation is written

Doctorate – 2-3 years of study. It is possible to “jump” a master’s degree, but then obtaining a doctoral degree will take 4-5 years of study.

The process of studying at universities begins in August-September. Each university can choose the date of the beginning of the academic year independently. Basically, the training is presented in the form of lectures, but a lot of attention is paid to practical exercises and social life. By participating in various youth clubs and associations, you can get additional points for certain disciplines. Extra-curricular activities are also encouraged with bonuses to the available points for exams, projects and research conducted in the learning process.

Getting a higher education in the USA is expensive. As a rule, the price of an annual tuition is at least $40,000. And this cost does not include accommodation, so if you are a non-resident student, then the cost of education can grow up to $ 60,000 a year. State universities do not provide discounts to foreigners. But some private universities can offer education at a reduced price. However, despite the high tuition fees, the number of applications is quite high. But here, as a rule, 5-10% of the total number of applications received go to universities.

The most famous American university is Harvard. The educational institution is located in the state of Massachusetts USA, in the city of Cambridge.