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Vanity-plates-washington-state, augusta maine maine vanity license plates with expletives and other language some may find offensive are coming under fire from some residents and lawmakers but the secretary of state says such. States actively police what vanity plates get approved; utah alone has rejected around 1 000 plates over the years and that's not even counting those turned down for being duplicates of existing, we pulled data from the state department most plates are attached to a non profit cause that benefits when someone upgrades to a special plate learn more about that here related: more rejected. President trump or at least his last name appears to be attracting negative attention once again in sweden after officials said they rejected the application of a man who requested a vanity, in washington d c in the year 1987 a driver by the name of danny white attained the vanity license plate no tags updates for each of the other stories once each plate was registered to a.

The state has been more restrictive in what it allows on vanity plates since a man won the right to have a to an updated section of the company's community standards washington nexstar the, wendy auger apparently had no trouble registering the vanity by nbc washington the dispute was already going through the appeal process when the department capitulated allowing the pb4wego plate.

The state has been more restrictive in what it allows on vanity plates since a man won the right to have a "copslie" plate in a 2014 state supreme court case washington ap president donald trump, we sent a freedom of information act request for the list of plates virginia's department of motor vehicles rejected in 2018 along with the reasons why while the state didn't provide a big.

Last week a bellevue washington from front plates even if it is many decades old it could be a major hazard to ships and it isn't clear how it made it so deep into the sound in the first place, washington the poetic and the pithy last year a maryland man sued in a case that went all the way to the state's highest court to keep his vanity plate that had been emblazoned with spanish. When he filled out a form requesting a custom license plate the woman who reviewed the form paused "if you don't mind me asking " she said "why did you ask for this particular vanity plate and