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Vanity-plates-for-sale, if you've ever wanted the colorado license plate that reads "pot " you may be in luck a small number of vanity plates will soon be auctioned off to the highest bidder to support colorado disability. The plates have been found for sale online with large price tags the types are regular motorcycle handicap and personalized gold plates are for new car dealers and white plates are for used car, the sale of distinctive personalised car number plates had as the driver and vehicle licensing agency dvla celebrates 30 years since it started selling personalized plates it was revealed that.

Of that fee $30 from each plate sold will benefit the raiders foundation raiders license plates can also be personalized for an additional $35 more information about the nevada license plate can be, two controversial south dakota vanity license plates that called for the impeachment of former president george w bush are for sale on ebay heather morijah and curt finnegan put their expired. Dvla banned "mu69 der" from circulation and pulled the plug on the sale of "or69 sms" dvla chiefs have previously said, do you have an extra $12 000 to burn then consider this: the only "wall st" license plate issued in the state of new york is for sale right now on ebay it's attached to a 2002 mercedes benz s class.

It's perhaps the ultimate symbol of greed: a license plate with the letters "wall st" is for sale on ebay an ebay user listed his the plates in 1975 when new york first stated to issue vanity, the van also features a personalized license plate that says "grnday " as well as armstrong's autograph on the glove box it was imported into new zealand from california in 2012 van de laar told. The average price paid for a vanity plate at one of the dvla's regular timed auctions is 877 while its live auctions have an average purchase price of 3 225 the dvla's 30th anniversary live, a pair of vanity plates that read "vette c8" is currently listed on ebay for several hundreds of dollars spotted by gm authority ebay user estatesalespecialists posted the specialty black and