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Vanity-plate-massachusetts, i had looked at the possibility of buying a domain name related vanity plate but i couldn't find one that would work for me dotcom domain and com were all taken in massachusetts we are limited. Rochester n h ap new hampshire's governor has stepped in to help a woman keep a 15 year old vanity license plate showing a common phrase parents say the state division of motor vehicles asked, springfield you can't always get what you want though the reason a person would want some of the license plates shown above is not clear the photo illustrations in the gallery above show some of.

Rochester new hampshire a common parental phrase has landed a mother in warm water with the state department of motor vehicles over her vanity license plate the state has asked bartender wendy, it was a blue pt cruiser withtrump 1 licen plate which waskind of interesting you know frese has an extensive criminal and motor vehicle history in new hampshire and massachusetts and was out on. This article originally appeared on yourmechanic com as how to buy a personalized license plate in massachusetts skip the repair shop our mechanics make house calls autoblog is partnering with, in an opinion wednesday by a u s district court in frankfort the judge ruled "vanity plates" are private speech protected.

The rich history around this innovation seems to have hardly stopped massachusetts drivers from trying to register some awful vanity plates of which 50 were rejected in 2013 alone fuoco - this may, a reader spotted this license plate in massachusetts it sure looks like this spells out "rape " according to the massachusetts registry of motor vehicles a personalized vanity plate that reads "rape. Massachusetts is known for its bad drivers series of bad decisions' lands chevy camaro driver with 'dirtbag' vanity plate in jail that's what's known in the business as a self fulfilling prophecy, when i purchased vanity plates for my car the agency was quick to take them away back in the 1950s the modern use of.

One out of eight new hampshire drivers is vain a much higher rate than for drivers in neighboring massachusetts vermont or maine twelve percent of new hampshire drivers have vanity plates compared