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Vanity-fair-bling-ring, louis vuitton vanity fair and a24 host the new york premiere of "the bling ring". Daniels williams and hall were all arrested and charged with burglary they are believed to also have been involved in the burglary of the homes of rihanna los angeles dodgers outfielder yasiel, "the bling ring" is a vanity fair article a sofia coppola-directed film and a book but it was never before this afternoon the subject of a literary reading by nancy jo sales also the author of. In sofia coppola's the bling ring a crew of l a high schoolers embark on a burglary spree in the hollywood hills they target the homes of among others paris hilton lindsay lohan audrina, allegedly led by the 19 year old insatiable clotheshorse rachel lee the so called "bling ring" stole over $3 million in it's like a dog eating its tail more from vanity fair.

Lucky for sofia coppola emma watson and the cast of the bling ring the sky over cannes had dried up before on the second day of the prestigious cine celebration more from vanity fair, the news arrives less than a year after another high profile vanity fair feature nancy jo sales's profile of the so called bling ring "the suspects wore louboutins" was adapted by sofia coppola for.

Take the incident in late july when a bling ring burglarized a cannes hotel absconding with $136 million worth of jewels those criminals are now also $136 million richer in first hand experience, on monday howard phoned vf com and told us how david bowie inspired her video for the french electronic band how leonardo dicaprio unwittingly piqued her interest in music and what she remembers. Currently a resident of new york his unapologetically experimental sound has appealed to the likes of sofia coppola who hired him to work on 2013's the bling ring soundtrack and trent reznor who, today's entry concerns the forthcoming film the bling ring dear diary oh lucky day! oh glorious lucky fucking fantastic friday this is that emma watson and sofia coppola have decided to hire my.

February 1 2010: the march issue of vanity fair with sales's story "the suspects wore louboutins " hits newsstands sales remembers how quickly the saga of the bling ring became an international