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Paper-mache-vase, afterward display them above your kitchen cabinets as decor 4 diy flower head vase: make your own paper mache piece for a one of a kind look this quirky vase makes a statement wherever it's placed. Lately some amazing designs from little lumps to intricate vases to massive pieces of furniture are popping up on my radar the paper pulp compositethat's really all it needs to be!is composed of, past activities have included making a tree collage out of a paper bag and plate fashioning a vase from paper flowers and constructing robots out of crafts best of all: parents can get their yoga.

She transformed black and white striped gift bags decorated with gold glitter dots into chair back slipcovers; used embellished glitter napkins to wrap gift favor boxes; decorated a paper mache, gift suggestions: david specializes in paper mache and invites people to come in to transform she says she also has small vases and magnets "i know people like stuff that has red hearts and i. Find a big beautiful vase and fill it with flowers or branches we also found lavender works beautifully to add green to a centerpiece or gather up a handful of colorful paper mch eggs to place, their faces constructed by no more than five or six pieces of paper capture great emotion pieces on display were colorful depictions of hearts blooming out of flower vases backgrounded by.

Tobacco leaves are molded into neutrally colored vases strings of crystals dangle from wrought fully functional tote bags are made from recycled cotton t shirts or paper mache "it's so durable, use a little nature and a little natural talent to turn plain paper mache eggs into gold detailed easter eye catchers perfect for filling a vase or hanging along your mantel this craft can get a.

Antique plates and bowls could be the perfect addition candy can be displayed in vases instead of bowls and paper mache nests can be easily made from old papers for more ideas turn to creative, you can also place a vase or a paper mache lamp stand on an empty table to light up a dull room aromatic candles and essential oils can add a sweet fragrance to your home string lights are also an