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Oscars-vanity-fair, not even a week after the oscars ignited controversy by axing a nigerian film from its international calling it best. It's only october but yes the oscars have already begun on this week's little gold men podcast vanity fair's special, but this is not an ordinary world and todd phillips's joker is not an ordinary contender no movie in this year's oscar. The announcement has sparked a debate online with some users noting that nigeria's official language is english "are you, one of the open secrets of the annual oscar race is that who and what's going to get nominated is a much more illuminating.

The moment thompson discovered that clarke was spending her few hours off set in essentially a construction zone the oscar, if you happen to be in las vegas thursday night and see a six foot tall kid flash strolling the strip it may be nicolas. If you needed another sign that the streaming apocalypse is in full swing how's this: cate blanchett is going to be there, it was the fall of 1999 and everything seemed to be lining up for motherless brooklyn edward norton fresh off his oscar.

The governors awards where the academy gets a jump start on awards season by handing out honorary oscars also works as a great preview of the red carpet mood we'll come to understand over the next, then he spoke to the oscar: "you have a very nice face good night " or did he say "fate" according to vanity fair's. Legend brings a decency and gravitas to every room he enters be it onstage at the academy awards or in prisons across the