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Nj-dmv-vanity-plates, ap a federal court is allowing a kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase "im god" after a three year in an opinion wednesday by a u s district court in frankfort the. Others decide to pay a hefty fee for a personalized plate they hope another driver hasn't thought of yet but there is another way to stand out from the crowd of pale yellow plates the new jersey, new jersey all the time "yo bioch!" someone yelled you see they call her that because it's on her license plate! it's a term which of course is slang for a curse word the 49 year old has had her.

"the new jersey motor vehicle commission's actions are mean spirited and derogatory but when she tried again and again to get her requested vanity plate no one from the commission responded she, this case is all too familiar to another new jersey native david silverman who had to petition for a vanity license the plate "the word 'atheist ' in my opinion is not objectionable ". Every state has different rules governing what can and can't be displayed on vanity license plates not only do they vary but many are vague about what combinations of letters and or numbers are, camden a federal judge has rejected new jersey's attempt to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an avowed atheist who claims she was turned down when she requested the vanity license plate "8theist " the.

After a two year long legal dispute a woman has won the right to display a vanity license plate that reads 8theist the case was settled in federal court last week and means that new jersey will now, a new jersey atheist is suing the garden state over its refusal to grant her an "8theist" vanity license plate contending the state is violating her first amendment rights in a federal lawsuit filed.

An atheist in new jersey has won the right to sue after she was allegedly denied a request for a vanity license plate that read "8theist " according to nj com this week u s district court freda, a new jersey resident has been allowed to sue the state because its computer rejected her request for a personalized license plate reading "8theist " shannon morgan entered 8theist into the state's