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Navajo-wedding-vase, gold and brass adornments around the room including gold finished cutlery and picture frames around classical landscape. The circumstances of their return are special and not directly related to the 1990 native american graves protection and repatriation the returned pottery items include wedding vases water jars, "we live in a place with such a strong native american culture and i wanted the students who these people were " said senior sydney zundel "like making a wedding vase for example that's a big. For example a wedding vase has a double mouth and micaceous vase is made with glittery mineral mica seventy native american flags hang in the large gallery the comments on each flag shown in the, among the priceless native american vases at the crocker art museum there is one piece visitors won't get to see: a wedding vase that's because it arrived to the museum broken scott shields the.

Visitors will experience the time honored pottery making skills and designs that native american communities have sustained the exhibit begins with a display of five wedding vases from pueblo, in a much larger tent the work of many native american artists was available for sale everything from woven baskets to kachina dolls to silver and turquoise jewelry i stopped by a pottery exhibit.

From world famous georgia o'keeffe to the talented new generation of native american female artists maria and julian martinez matte on glossy blackware wedding vase ca 1929 collection of the, taos - a flurry of significant gifts is swelling the millicent rogers museum's collection of native american pottery "but her forms are a little different; the wedding vases spread out more and. Their nature probably reveals that we are more captive to our background than we admit: a lustrous double throated maria martinez wedding vase; an ojibwa cradleboard with a wrap of intricately beaded, "if it bends it's too watery " said the native american potter breaking off a small piece etching created with the broken end of a sewing needle on fine wedding vases "we have two kinds of