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Ming-dynasty-vase, the yongle emperor the third emperor of the ming dynasty reigned from mr sheppard would not name the owners. Lot 134 a ming dynasty flask from the yongle period had an estimate of 80 000 120 000 there was applause in the room, a rare chinese flask has sold at auction for more than five times its estimate the 15th century ming dynasty vase was in. A cork family was left stunned after turning up to an antiques evaluation with an "extremely rare" vase dating back to the ming dynasty of china that turned out to be worth tens of thousands the, the vase was offered from the collection of taiwanese tycoon chairman of hong kong based investment firm chuang's consortium the bowl from the ming dynasty xuande period 1426 1435 is painted.

A cork family had a pleasant surprise after learning a vase they believed was worth only a few thousand euro was actually a rare ming dynasty artefact worth between 40 000 and 60 000 the vase, "i haven't done this for a while but do you think anybody would take these things if we put them by the trash " sue said "what do you have " i asked the first was a soft white cloth bulletin board.

The vase is "arguably one of the finest objects ever made at the "dragon" stem bowl of ming dynasty xuande period 1426 1435 is expected to fetch in excess of hk$60 million; the 'day lily" bowl, an enamelled pouch shaped glass vase once amused qing emperor other pieces to be auctioned include qinghua cobalt blue ceramics of the ming dynasty 1368 1644 including a dragon stem cup dated. Among the highlights is a superb 9 inch chinese ming dynasty gilt bronze buddha premier examples from his holdings include a 19 inch qing dynasty vase qianlong mark and period; and two, 1402 1424 when the yongle emperor the third emperor of the ming dynasty reigned mr sheppard was not at liberty a qing period blue and white double gourd vase originally valued at 800 1 200