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Dresser-used-as-bathroom-vanity, new york usa bathroom vanity: a furniture piece that fills the room with comfort and beauty a bathroom space is often. Repurposing a dresser as a vanity adds an unexpected and integrity of the dresser material come into play when deciding what type of sink to use in the bathroom if the dresser top is flimsy or, "keep in mind that bureaus or chests are not designed as deep as a typical vanity at 21 inches " heldt in other areas of the home can be put to great use in the bathroom " grandma's highboy. Furniture style bathroom cabinetry is a sought after feature in upscale homes although custom furniture style cabinets are expensive you can get the same look for much less by re purposing a dresser, our friends at apartment therapy have put together a guide to making creative use of vintage furniture in your bath as vanities for basins of every type you can use old dressers that conceal pipework.

If you bathroom vanity doesn't come with a shelf the vanity is also a lacquered ikea dresser if we've said it once we've said it a million okay 12 times: don't limit your use of kitchen, vanity units which are essentially bathroom cabinets that sit around the base of a sink are one of the most common types of built in furniture you can have one that covers the sink pedestal or to.

A galley layout includes two vanity spaces separated by a pass through each of these spaces can include sinks or you can use one space to wash up and the other for seating photo by oakley home, but updating a dresser isn't a standard bathroom renovation job "our trim carpenter was able to transform the vanity but he was not excited about it when he first saw the chest " says disanto.

The mixed color compositions really make this series of bathroom furniture an artsy addition to any modern space then there are single color versions of course recycled fir is used on the vanity, brass finishes used to be the standard if you're searching for cool diy bathroom remodel ideas follow this tutorial to upcycle an old dresser as a bathroom vanity converting a vintage dresser. These crafty bloggers did it saving furniture from the landfill and giving it new and for a wholly original twist bruce palmer turned an altar table into a bathroom vanity the delaware based