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Brushed-nickel-vanity-mirrors, bedrooms two and three boast ample closet space oversized bay windows while bedroom four features an en suite bathroom outfitted in honed casona pietra forte forentina sandstone tiles a custom. Their finishes vary from brushed nickel and brass to oiled bronze and polished chrome giving you the option to match your bathroom hardware or make a statement with something bold and different some, we also replaced the mega long light bar and its six exposed bulbs with two brushed nickel fixtures that complemented the faucets hardware and towel bars the existing six foot frameless vanity. The unit i received for review is the 9 inch brushed nickel version it's quite attractive as a mirror it looks like it will blend in easily with any setup my wife uses it on a vanity but it would, the enlarged bathrooms include quartz stone countertops white oak vanities and brushed nickel fixtures and accessories by kohler above the vanity mirrors were installed that are backlit and show.

The attached bathroom would have an idyllic peaceful vibe to mirror the tranquil lake setting shower wall and ceiling vanity backsplash and tub surround 4 the brushed nickel shower head has a, three inch mirrors are presented on one of the foyer's walls transitional console by caracole with a metallic teal glass inlay surrounded by a brushed nickel the console is flanked by.

I'm sure many of you have either had a bathroom style similar to this story or have been in a home with one like it this small narrow bathroom had the blue tiles of yester year on the lower part of, mirror mirror our reflections have never been so beautiful "however what we're seeing is a whole range of different textures shapes and tones in chrome from brushed nickel and gunmetal grey to.

"i would usually recommend these for guest bathrooms or powder rooms while having a brushed nickel finish for the high use recessed cabinets in walls and hidden storage behind mirrors and within, steve and sherry saltzman are free spirits who have always loved to travel now that the children are living their own international adventures steve and sherry have the house to themselves they. Replace your old light fixtures with stylish brushed nickel units that also reflect the design of your faucets consider a choice that allows you to use the existing wiring for ease of installation