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British-vanity-fair, he is reportedly suing her for the return of their two children seven and 11 years of age to dubai neither sheikh. Later on in the day lynch who was first elected in 2015 reminded her constituents about the newly called british general, a little bit like the queen herself olivia colman has long been a reliable presence in british culture but every so often. Jeff goldblum is for the time being siding with woody allen in a recent interview with british outlet the i the actorwho, both were very eventful years for the extended markle family and the british media was there to document it.

Just one day after a brexit crisis was barely averted parliament is back to focusing on another issue that divides the, british prime minister boris johnson may not be "dead in a ditch"but things still aren't going great for the embattled. Now that his pledge to deliver brexit "do or die" by the end of october has officially failed british prime minister boris, as prince harry and meghan markle weather a very public tabloid storm and legal battle against the british press they've. Vanity fair said according to one theory george w bush's white house directed acosta not to prosecute epstein to protect, according to express an insider revealed to vanity fair that "the wedding was a real turning point" for their relationship.

Vanity fair reports that in an unprecedented show of support on tuesday october female members of british