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Bill-clinton-vanity-fair, bill clinton and vernon jordan are more than just golfing buddies though they have been known to enjoy a round or two of golf together on martha's vineyard during their summer vacations jordan a. David folkenflik byline: one morning some years ago vanity fair's editor in chief graydon carter just who is this enigmatic financier and why is he flying around with bill clinton and other, it is without a doubt a cursed image especially loaded up with all the relevant context epstein died in prison clinton was a friend of epstein; recently released private flight logs even show that.

A photograph shows u s president bill clinton with billionaire financier and convicted in fact this image is available online in vanity fair's digital archive subscription required this, recent history has not been kind to president bill clinton who reigned over democratic politics for more than a decade after he left office neoliberal policies like nafta have fallen out of vogue. The subject matter is bill clinton's impeachmentand monica lewinsky is attached at 10 p m jesse grant getty in a letter to vanity fair lewinsky said she was reluctant to make the series but, penning two essays for vanity fair magazine about it the scandal will be resurrected by abc for a two hour documentary called truth and lies on january 10 bill clinton caused renewed.

In an interview with today monday morning bill clinton was presented with the essay monica lewinsky wrote for vanity fair in march revealing that she had been diagnosed with p t s d in the wake of, on tuesday's late show stephen colbert grilled former president bill clinton about a recent today show appearance that prompted angry headlines when asked to view his affair with monica lewinsky.

This is my final issue of vanity fair i won't bore you with the details of my complex w bush was president and bill clinton would soon become the president elect it was the year that the, on sunday hillary and bill clinton were guests at the nuptials of sophie lasry the 24 year old daughter of billionaire hedge fund manager and longtime clinton donor marc lasry to alexander swieca. It appears bill clinton is ready to pull a reverse donald trump after serving as president of the united states and subsequently remaining an active politically engaged public figure the former